Practical Traineeship in Proofreading/Paraphrasing

Medical proofreading is a highly specialized field of translation due to technical and sensitive nature of documents. A proper editing of medical related documents such as articles, dissertations and publications  is a challenging task for most of Iranian researchers and scientists. An accurate and standard medical proofreading service has been currently offered for the first time through an innovative and effective way by MEDRC members.  Our professional proofreaders are looking for interested Iranian or international students to accompany them in reading the manuscripts and transcripts and checking to ensure a clean and polished works with no spelling, grammatical and topographical errors.

Our senior proofreaders and paraphrasers who are already in charge of some journals and cooperating with some research centers, will guide the interested individuals to gain expertise in these areas. The students can apply for this practical traineeship by filling an online form. Also, it should be mentioned that a limited number of applicants are accepted, hence selection may occur through interview. The selected students will be provided some books and article to improve the basic prerequisites, subsequently will be invited to edit some of the articles for a period of 1 month. The qualified trainees will be invited to work with us and they will be paid.

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